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Review Blueprint

The ultimate review generation system designed to help you get new customers easily and deliver massive results for them. This system has been proven for the last 23+ Years. 

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What You're Getting Inside:

  • Part 1: The Review Blueprint 30K Foot Overview. A complete overview of the entire system from start to finish, so you understand all the moving parts.

  • Part 2: The Review Blueprint System (no software needed). The exact system and deliverables that we install in all our customers businesses

  • Part 3: Enhance The Blueprint with Software. The software that we use to improve and automate the Review Blueprint.

  • Part 4: The Magic Pitch Presentation. The "Offer They Can't Say No To" presentation that we use where the prospect closes themselves.

  • Part 5: The Customer Onboarding Blueprint. This is the glue that holds the entire system together you must do this correctly to ensure results.

  • Part 6: The Customer Quick Win Strategy. To keep your customers for the long term, you must get them results quickly.

  • Bonus 1: The Magic Business Card & Sign. We use a specific strategy that can generate massive results quickly for your customers.

  • Bonus 2: The Automated Feedback Loop. How to automate review generation for your customers using one simple form

  • Bonus 3: The Wall Of Love Training. How we create a wall of love on your customers website that they can use to generate more customers

  • Bonus 4: The Review Response Training. How to properly respond to all reviews and turn any negative review into a positive one.

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